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  1. Which website builder do you recommend?

It mainly depends on what you are searching for and what type of sector or business you are in. Website builders mostly help users to create websites without manual coding. It falls into two different categories such as –

Online proprietary tools –  These tools are provided by web hosting companies which helps users to build their private sites.

Offline Software- These helps users to create pages and runs on a computer.

There are many website builders with different functions and advantages that fall into both of these two categories. Now it depends that what type of services will serve your needs.

To help you further, here is a category list with a recommendation-

User category :

Business category :

  • All type of business and freelancing- Wix and Weebly
  • Design/Portfolio making- Squarespace
  • Hotel, hospitality, restaurants- Wix and Squarespace
  • Music and media industry- Wix

You will find a lot of other website builders as well except for the ones mentioned here. However, these tools are recommended if you are from any of these sectors and looking for a helping hand to liberate yourself from all the coding jargons.

  1. Which e-commerce online store builder should I use?

Well, with over 400,000 customers on-board, Shopify leads all the way with its smooth, advanced and complete functionalities for constructing hassle-free online store.

Nevertheless, e-commerce store builders got categories too. There are many platforms which help users specifically to build online stores, and there are some who take overall control. To help you more here is quick recommendation according to categories-

All-inclusive e-commerce store builder-

Basic level e-commerce store builder-

  • Weebly: The easiest tool to work with
  • Wix: Diversified features
  • Squarespace: Plenty of beautiful designs

So it depends on your requirements. If you want to build an exclusive store with all the premium and pro features than the complete tools are recommended. If you want to start with basic level features than the mentioned tools here will be enough.

  1. How much does it cost to build a website?

The cost of building a website is not only related to money but also to the time and energy that takes to build a website. It may cost you almost $00 or even $$$$ to build a website. That depends on what you want and how fast.

  1. Which website builder fits best for SEO?

One of the most common and rapid-fire questions about website builders are their effects on SEO. There is mixed information in the market and users often stumble upon wrong information.

For search engine ranking, the fact that which website builder your website is built on as an indirect and a shallow impact.

How Google or a search engine ranks a website mainly depends on how influential and authoritative the website is turning out to be.

For example, Facebook, Weikipedia and many other websites have a massive authority due to its substantial resources. Google rewards these sort of site by ranking it higher in their search results.

Now it does not matter on which website builder your website was built, if the site has shady contents, awful appearance, and no authority then it will never reach even the first page.

Likewise, if you can acquire authority in your business niche, getting link-backs from other authority sites and people are sharing your stuff, then doesn’t matter on which website builder you created your site it will move up to the rankings. Simple!

So it doesn’t matter if you are using wix, squarespace, wordpress, weebly or whatever, if you can follow the rules of SEO and stay spam free only that will help you to rank up in the search results.

  1. Should I use WordPress as many people recommend?

WordPress is one of the most trusted and popular website builders in the world today with its smooth and flexible navigation that users can delight in.

Although to make the most use out of WordPress, users have to know to code quite well. The technical expertise for using WordPress is essential to have. It may require you to hire a designer or a developer to do the job for you. Moreover, building a website on WordPress is more time consuming and would require more efforts.

WordPress also doesn’t give you dedicated support service, so you are pretty much on your own to get out of troubles or figure out any particular function. All though you will find a lot of tutorials and resources to work with WordPress, still there is no dedicated support.

So if you are starting up and don’t want to invest a lot of money to create your website, WordPress may not be the right choice for you.

The drag & drop technology lets you build websites in few clicks, and you don’t need to be a tech guy for that. There is no coding required, and you also get dedicated support to help you all the way.

You can directly publish your website in less than a day and continue working on it to make further changes with ease. So the with drag & drop builders you can get your website up and running much faster.

  1. Can I buy a domain name through a website builder?

Yes! You can. However, few things you must know before you do this.

Getting your domain name through a website builder is easier when you are a beginner and just gearing up. It right away connects the domain your bought with your website with no hassle. The process is simple and requires only a few clicks.

You also get a free domain name for one year with some website builders if you are buying any of their paid plans.

Though it’s important to know that the renewal fee of the domain name is higher on website builders then it’s own domain name registers like NameCheap or GoDaddy.

So it’s cheaper to register your domain name for multiple years with domain name registrars. However, it takes a little more efforts to configure or connect the domain you bought from a domain registrar with your website which is done only once.

Moreover, in case you want to switch your website builder, it’s easier to manage your domain if you bought it from a domain name registrar. Just disconnect the domain name from the website you want to terminate and reconnect it with your new one.

  1. After selecting a website builder, what else i should be worried about?

Selecting the right website builder is just the first step you take to build a successful website.

Further, you will have to put lot more effort in many other things to keep up with the industry and business needs. Such as selecting the right template, creating, designing, customizing the template in a way that fits your brand. Work with images, source them and edit them. Then finally, publish your website with easy.

Building a successful website is a voyage that requires patience and hard work. Website builders are here to make it easy for you and save you more time.

  1. Can I build a website with no design and coding skills?

Well, that’s what the drag & drop website building technology is all about. That was the primary focus, and that’s how it all started. Making it easy for everyday people to build websites with the lowest cost.

There is no need to know or have any coding or designing skills to use a website builder. The name itself-says its a builder. So all you got to do is sign up, select a template and make few clicks.

Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace almost all website builders have got good UX that allows you to click, drag and drop to build a website with no coding or high tech knowledge required.

  1. How do I select the right template design?

You will find dazzling and professionally designed templates in most of the drag & drop website builders. Though selecting the right model that fits your business can be little confusing.

You may consider looking at the header design, the content width, the menu bar design and also the background color if that is modern enough and fits your business niche before you select a template.

  1. Do I need to hire a website designer or developer?

Ok, now you will like this for sure. The answer is noo! You don’t!

With drag & drop website builders, you can say goodbye to the dependencies and cost you might have to bare if you would have hired a designer or developer.

The website builders are so easy to work with that you can create a beautiful website and even manage it further merely while having a morning coffee or chilling in your hall room.

  1. How do I create an awesome logo if I don’t have design skills?

Your logo is crucial to your business as it represents your brand loudly. Though its tough to create the perfect logo if you are not experienced in designing.

Designing a logo requires creativity to be converted into an image mixed by your vision and thoughts.

In this case, getting hold of a designer may be little expensive but in the long run that will be highly productive as creating the right logo is a significant factor in your branding.

  1. How long it takes to build a website?

Well, it may take up to 14 weeks at least to build a website from scratch. It may take 2 weeks for research and discovery, 3 weeks for designing, 3 weeks for modifying the designs or revising and 3 weeks for put it in initial development. It may also take 3 more weeks for modifications.

Please note that it may take more time depending on unsuspected constraints or issues that may arise throughout the development.

However, if you are using drag & drop website builder, it will take only a few clicks and minutes to finish your website and go live. Yes, there could be areas which you may want to customize further, and you can do that quickly with website builders. But the bottom line is you can simply get going sooner and with a lot less hassle as the website builders got pre-made templates.

  1. How do I create contents for my website?

First of all, you got to make sure that your contents are 100% unique and explain your business clearly to the audience. For this, you may start by identifying your USP, writing copies in the right language. Keep it as native as possible. Check out other competitors website, see how they have crafted their copies and used it on their site. Do not copy but follow the tone if you are a beginner. Use software like Grammarly to make sure error-free writing and also ensure you are avoiding plagiarism.

  1. How do I manage images for my website?

The first thing you can do is get a designer and create your images. It may be little costly and time-consuming as you have to explain to the designer what you want but is a valid way of producing high-quality, unique images.

You can also just buy images online. There are a lot of websites like shutterstock, pexels, gettyimages and many more where you can look for relevant images and buy them.

If you want to use free images, then you can filter it out from Google and download images which are labeled for reuse. You can also get good quality images for free from different image libraries which also got paid and premium images for websites.