Best ways to Find Website Background Images

WordPress has achieved its enormous popularity by being free for everyone, and anyone with a basic HTML or CSS knowledge can build and manage a site using WordPress. However, when it comes to finalizing your site, website background images play a vital role in promoting your content visually.

It is best to use images that are relevant to your content, but you might not have a quality image of your own. In this article, we’re going to share how you can find the best website background images suitable for your content. But before begin, you might want to take notes of some license agreements regarding image searching.

Image Licenses and Sizes

Like most of the things, copyright laws protect all images on the Internet whether it’s mentioned or not. So for some cases, it requires you to ask for permission from the author or publisher to use those images. But some free online services offer images you can legally download in high resolution and use on your websites, and we’re going to talk about them shortly.

Your website background images cover the entire screen of your website, so you need to find large images. It’s ideal to use images with 1920px wide and 1080px in height. You can go for even higher resolutions for better results. It’s always easy to resize an image to make it smaller without losing the quality.

Your WordPress theme may recommend you background image sizes. In this case, you can ask your theme developer to know what sizes are best for you. Here are the top 10 websites you can use for your images to make the process of uploading and sharing easier than ever.


Pixabay is known to be one of the best websites for quality images. It has one of the largest collections of free images, packed with more than a million public domain images. You will also find vector graphics, illustrations, videos, etc. They have the best landscape photography collections online. If you’re confused about what to look for, you can also find some great images in Editor’s Choice.

Once you’ve found the right picture, all you have to do now is choose a resolution, complete a captcha, and you’ll be given the direct download link to the image. You can also register for free to skip the captcha part. Another reason why Pixabay is one of our best picks is that almost all the pictures are safe to use regarding appropriate appearing in the search results. You can enable SafeSearch box before browsing for images.


Free Images, also known as stock.xchng is a free stock photo site with thousands of beautiful website background images from which you can choose. You can browse images by categories, search tags, themes, or even search for a specific image. There are about 400,000 free images on the website. Just click on the image you want to download to learn more about its author, tags, download, and mark as your favorite.

You can also upload and download images without having to create an account, as long as the ads on the website don’t bother you. You will get the HTML code for a direct link to the image you choose so you can quickly share it.

StockPhotosforFree has a collection of over 100,000 completely free website background images from which you can choose high-quality images for your blog post, advertisement, or even media project. Most of the free stock photos found on this website are originated from their parent sites, Storyblocks and VideoBlocks and most of the high-quality photos are from still frames pulled out of HD videos on

The website gets frequently updated with the latest photos so you will have plenty of options to choose from. The photos you will be downloading from this website come with a royalty-free license. That way, you can use the photos in all types of projects whether it is commercial or non-commercial.


Unsplash has a huge collection of images from semi-professional and professional photographers. Skillful photographers donate the high-quality website background images you will find on this site. It has a powerful advanced search tool for images. You can also browse collections where photos are grouped into different themes such as, Into The Wild, Street Life, Light, and Shadow, etc.

Unsplash lets you create your free collections by signing in, which can be useful for gathering photos for your website. You don’t necessarily have to credit photographers, but the website provides you with a credit link as a means to thanking the author or photographer for a good job.


Pexels is very popular among web and app designers. It has a large collection of images that are perfect for displaying interface mock-ups. It allows everyone to upload website background images and then the site’s authorities pick the best images to populate the searchable collection. You can search for a specific image or browse them by themes, emotions, pastimes, or even locations.

The vast majority of images on this website are original and creative. It’s one of a few websites which offer free space images. They look amazing, and some of these images are from NASA, so no doubt about the quality.


Picjumbo features a large collection of free stock images. Most of the photos can be found in high-resolution. You can browse the collection using tags and categories. You can find a great collection of original photos taken by Viktor Hanacek, a talented photographer and the site owner himself.

The site offers a nifty search feature which makes it easier for you to search for a specific image. All images found on this site come with high-resolution and can easily be used as a background image on your WordPress site.


If you’re looking for something surreal and original, this site is the best option for you. Gratisography has a huge collection of original photos created by Ryan McGuire, a very experienced graphic designer. His photos have a surreal edge, and if you’re tired of using common photos, you might find these attractive.

Gratisography adds new pictures every week, and you will receive weekly email alerts with the latest images if you’re subscribed to the newsletter. The best part is that all the images are free to use and you need not thank or credit Ryan McGuire but he will appreciate it if you do.


Freerange allows you to use their images for commercial or personal projects. Once you’re signed up, you will have access to loads of high-resolution website background images. It offers you almost 20,000 CCo (public domain) images, which means you are free to modify them and also showcase them in any way you want with no author credit requirements.

The same company that owns this website has another website called Vintage Stock Photos. It specializes in free vintage images so you can find thousands of quality vintage for free there as well. Freerange is a good choice for those who are specifically searching for this type of images for their WordPress sites.


Morguefile is one of the popular and oldest websites with a curated collection of free, high-quality stock photos. You can use all images with no restrictions for personal or commercial use. This site is very fast, which makes it easier to locate images and download them. There’s a “like” box where you can store your favorite images by bookmarking them.

Morgufile has a simple sign up process, and once you have a premium account, you will be able to share images via social media or email. You may have to log in to the website to like and download images. But it’s very much worth your time.

Google Image Search

And finally, we have the Google Image Search to search for photos that are available in the public domain or come with a Creative Commons license on the web. When you go to the search bar and type in a keyword, you will find many images to choose from. Then you can click on “Tools,” followed by “Usage Rights” and choose the one most appropriate to you. We recommend using “Labeled for reuse with modification” as it allows you to edit the image freely and use it on your WordPress site.

The search will only show the results of your chosen usage rights and using it allows you to not only find images from popular sites like Pixabay, FreeImages, or Pexels, you can also find photos from different sites that are not listed in this article. Check for the higher resolutions and download the photos you need and do remember to check out the license on the originator’s website if it has any.

To conclude

While finding the best image for your website is not an easy task, it’s always good to know what to look and where to look for. So these are ten amazing websites with beautifully crafted website background images that will help you find the perfect image for your WordPress site.

Now, if you’re not a web designer, then you can hire a freelancer and pass this list to him or her. We highly recommend you to use these websites for your desired images.

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