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8 Place To Get Beautiful Weebly Themes For Your Weebly Website

Creating an online store or a professional website with Weebly has become a lot easier over the years. This is not only because of its intuitive design and layout but also because of its extensive range of themes for blogs, portfolios, ecommerce, business sites and others. Weebly also has the easiest drag and drop editor that allows to build sites without any coding skills.

Weebly themes are different from others by its simple and elegant appearance that includes great usability. Weebly ensures that their themes follow the style that they have been forming since the beginning.

You will find lot of superb themes on Weebly’s platform alone. However, there other marketplaces too where you can buy amazing Weebly themes separately. In this post, I will talk about 9 marketplaces where you can find amazing weebly themes.

1. Themeforest

Themeforest is one of the most trusted and used platforms for buying and selling website themes. In themeforest, you can find HTML layouts and designs that relates to CMS items like Weebly, WordPress,Joomla, Bootstrap, Drupal and others. Themeforest is known as the largest market regarding variations of themes and provides dazzling Weebly themes.

You will find Weebly themes ranging from $22 to $999 on themeforest.

2. Mojomarketplace

Mojomarketplace is a pretty common name now a days when it comes to selecting website themes. The marketplace offers exclusive themes, plugins, services and support to the users.It also offer premium plugins and a preview tool by which will show you a clear picture on the outcome.

You can find beautifully designed weebly themes in this market place. The pricing is ranged at $49 for each theme.

3. Baamboo studio

BambooStudio is one of the 3rd party marketplaces where you will find inspiring and high quality Weebly themes. Though not all the themes are free, the quality and appearance of these themes can make your website stand out in the competition.All of their designs are amazing and includes features like slideshows, videos headers, animated backgrounds, portfolios and many more.

Importantly, all of their Weebly themes are fully responsive which means no matter what device your visitors are on, the themes will automatically adjust to computers, tablets or phone. To have clearer view on how the themes appear, you can easily have a live demo too.

BamboStudio also offers a great set of apps which are essential widget features for your Weebly website. You can use these widget features to enhance your site more. Though these tools needs to be purchased, they are very effective to make the themes look more appealing.

The pricing of these themes ranges from $33 to $40.

4. Webfirethemes

Weebly has beautiful set of themes itself as it is one of the easiest website builders in the world. Weebly ensures great flexibility while to its users by allowing external theme to be imported. Webfirethemes is one of the 3rd party marketplaces where you will find amazing and beautifully designed Weebly themes for your site.

Webfirethemes is a an organized marketplace where everything is easy to find. The marketplace has customer testimonials and explains what makes them different from others. Webfirethemes provides trendy, beautiful and functional themes for weebly.

It includes all the standard features like slideshows, videos headers, animated backgrounds, portfolios and more. Webfirethemes themes for Weebly provides features and options that gives a true uniqueness to your Weebly site.

When you buy a theme from Webfire, it will give you two license options to choose from. Standard or Designer. The standard option lets you create one website the the them you just purchased and the designer option will allow you to create as many websites as you like with the theme.

The pricing of these themes ranges from free to $45

5. Luminousthemes

Luminousthemes is a fairly recent competitor in the Weebly theme business, but they definitely deserve to be mentioned as one of the top marketplaces to purchase Weebly themes. Luminous has all the main elements of being a good theme provider for Weebly. The marketplace has responsive designs, flexible customization, easy tutorials and fast paced support system.

One of my favorite features of their designs is how clearly they label the HTML and CSS coding. This makes it easier than ever to tinker around with your own custom coding to really give your website a unique look and feel.

One of their most notable feature is their clear labeling of their CSS and HTML code. This lets you access the source code and customize the themes the way you want. Although  Luminousthemes don’t have a lot of themes in their marketplace for Weebly, they surely have enough resources to choose an appropriate theme for your site.

Their price ranges from $39 to $59

6. Roomythemes

Roomythemes provides all round themes, widgets and plugins to Weebly users. The platform provides advanced and elegant themes that attracts your visitors and makes them interact with your site. Their themes are simple enough to be used by almost all type of users effortlessly.

Roomythemes got great set of widgets that is compatible with any type of websites and are fully responsive. Their themes are easy to install, mobile friendly, customizable, SEO friendly and has many more effective features.

Their price ranges from $20 to $145

7. Themesnap

Themesnap is one of the platforms that offers themes that fits you best. It provides exclusive themes of weebly, drupal, wordpress, HTML and many more. Themesnap was the first marketplace that started to sell drupal themes online and continue to progress and offer themes for wordpress, HTML and now Weebly.

The marketplace is clear and provides a convincing display of its themes and PSD’s by easy navigation system on the site. Making it easy for you to see through the themes and choose the right one.

However, Themesnap does not have a lot of options for weebly users as they dong have lot of templates in for weebly in their marketplace.

Pricing ranges from $16 and does not exceed for Weebly themes.

8: Themeshound

Not entirely a marketplace but works brilliantly if you are looking for free and premium weebly themes in a short time. Themeshound is a search engine exclusively build to track website themes offered by 3rd parties in one single interface.

The platform has themes for almost all other CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Weebly etc. Therefore, its very easy to track the right theme that fits best for you by this search engine.

Pricing ranges from $20 to $999 for Weebly themes

Final Thoughts:

And that’s it for our take on the market places where you can find the best Weebly themes. I hope one of these marketplaces stands out and delivers what you need. Got any other market places in your mind which I missed? Feel free to mention it in the comment section.










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