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Know These 9 Key Things Before Buying Weebly For Education

Weebly is one of the most loved and trusted website builders in the world. Having easy going features which anyone can use without having any coding expertise. Weebly has been a successful ally for bloggers, freelancers, small & medium sized business, startups and large business. Weebly is also one of the top ecommerce solution providers in the world.

After successfully helping users to create great websites by few clicks only, Weebly launched its education focused services which is now one of the top choice for teachers and students globally.

Weebly education is a free service by which teachers and students can create websites.

Teachers can create classroom websites and students can create  websites for their assignment, projects and portfolios.

In this post, I will explain you 9 key things to know before you go for a pro education plan with Weebly.

  1. Multiple websites :

Weebly lets you create professional looking websites in matter of minutes. However, if you are a teacher or a student needs to have multiple websites for your work than a paid plan is more effective.

The plan lets you create multiple websites which is up to 10. You can simply create the sites by using Weebl’s super easy drag and drop editor. You can edit the contents, import your own theme or even access the source code of the pages to customize the sites.

Weebly free account lets you create only one website. So if you are thinking to have more websites than upgrading to the paid plan will bring you good results.This is an important point to consider for both teachers and students.

  1. Audio player feature:

Weebly allows you to add mp3 files directly to your website by its audio player element. If you have a website and want to add your lectures, recorded sessions or a research or anything similar, this feature will help to do it easily.

This option is available on the media section of your dashboard. All you do is just drag and drop the element on your page and then you can upload the media file.

However, the the audio element is a paid feature which you need to buy. This does not come with the free version. So if think you will be adding audie materials to your site, buying the paid version would be important.

  1. Video player feature :

If you want display HD video with high quality and no branding, than you need to use the video player feature of weebly education. This feature lets you show videos on web, mobile and ipad on a HTML5 video player.

However, if you just want embed youtube videos than that is free, Just drag and drop the icon on your page and put the link of the youtube video you want to show.

This is a powerful paid feature that lets teachers and students share videos on lectures, sessions, classes, researches, assignments and many other work.

  1. Document elements:

If you want to display a document which most of the teachers and students do, this feature is what you need to use for your weebly site. It allows you to upload document to your site easily.

Simply drag and drop the document element icon on your page. Than you can simply upload the document you want. It may take some time to display for the document as it will uploading and converting on the background.

However, you can continue on your page and keep editing things you want. The upload process will finish automatically and than you can preview it. After the upload is finished, you can click on the element and edit its height in a way that best suits your document.

  1. Password protection :

If you want to limit access to your website or specific pages, you can easily do it by the password protection feature of weebly. Just click on the settings tab and there you will find the option to set a password for your site.

However, this feature is paid. So you got to upgrade your plan if you wanna use this feature. Teachers and students can use this feature to let only those access their site who they want to authorize and don’t want to keep the contents public.

Setting up a password will lock all the pages of your site automatically. If you just want to lock certain pages, you can go to the tabs of those pages and set up the password by using the visibility menu selectively.

  1. Larger file size:

If you want to have more flexibility in file sharing and uploading on your site, this feature will play an effective role. If you are teacher or student who frequently uploads files larger than 5mb, you will love this feature as it lets you upload a file of 100mb at once.

This is a paid feature. If you want take the advantage of this feature you have to upgrade your existing plan to a paid one. Many students and teachers consider this feature significant while they are upgrading to a paid plan.

This feature allows them to share and upload bigger files much quickly.

  1. Premium support:

If you want ultimate support assistance in every step of your journey with Weebly Education, this feature is a vital part of your subscription. While using a site building system you may face many questions and may require instant and sudden help.

Weebly’s  premium support feature lets you have assistance in crucial moments when help is needed right away and urgently over phone. However, the phone support comes with the paid plans. So if you want phone assistance than you got to buy an upgraded plan.

  1. No footer message:

If you want to remove the ‘Create a free website with Weebly’ footer from your Weebly site and make it look more professional, you got to buy the feature to remove the footer. With the free plan you don’t have option to remove this.

This feature is a art of an upgraded plan. So if you are considering to make your website look totally free off any third party branding than this feature is a must which comes with a paid version.

  1. Centralized management:

If you are a school and want to manage all your teachers and students account from a single interface, than you got to buy the Weebly educations campus edition. You can create and setup account for teachers and students in a bulk. The campus edition includes all the features of pro plans for the teachers and students account.

Weebly education is a reliable and a much loved platform for both teachers and students around the world. Teachers have found it as an unconventional way of teaching students and the student found it an advanced yet easy way to work with.

Teachers love Weebly education for-

  • Teacher can create commanding classroom websites
  • Teachers can use videos, audio clips, blogs, contact forms & more features
  • Teachers can assign homeworks online and effortlessly monitor and manage students websites.

Students love Weebly education for-

  • Create rich and attractive websitesƒ
  • Working environment that is being managed and controlled
  • Getting to know more about to new and advanced web technology with cool features
  • Less hassle to keep a track of assignments from teacher as it is all assigned online
  • Display their work smartly including their portfolio

Now if you have gone through all the points i explained here and find the paid version of weebly education is a need for you, than here is the pricing details of the weebly education-

  • Weebly pro costs $39.5/yr
  • Weebly campus edition costs $499
  • Additional account packs cost $25

Weebly for education is a special version of weebly that is exclusively built to facilitate academics globally. It helps teachers and students tremendously in school, colleges and universities. So using it gives a great leverage to both teachers and students to carry out their tasks in a more sophisticated way then before. If you are a teacher or student, Weebly for education is a must use platform for you to know more about the latest web technology.


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